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The Battle To Get Traffic To Your Website

An SEO Guide for the Small Business Owner


By Seggy T Segaran


ISBN-10: 0956153747

ISBN-13: 978-0956153746

ASIN: B009RQ5RMY (Kindle)


The Battle to Get Traffic to Your Website



This book is written by a business owner and uses language that can be understood by anyone with moderate IT skills. All the necessary research can be done from their desk on a PC with an internet connection. It allows them to analyse their own website, come up with relevant keywords and then badger and cajole their webmasters into putting many of these ideas here into practice.




* 'The Battle to get traffic to your Website' was clear and easy to read. I was previously scared of SEO for my small business, Kigali Crafts, but now I have the confidence to get stuck in. It talks you through with examples and screen shots, making it accessible for everyone - a perfect introductory guide to SEO. I also love the fact that the proceeds go towards technology projects in Rwanda.


* Running a small business online myself, I needed some hints on how to succeed in the field of search engine optimisation. This book was exactly what I needed. Very easy to read with examples throughout. The lack of unnecessary technical language is a plus. I've only given it 4 stars because it probably doesn't cater to those well versed in SEO sorcery and it could discuss affiliate marketing a bit more. However, this book is a great start for business owners/non technical people who want to develop their own SEO strategy...


* This book is going to be very useful for anyone running a small business who wants to improve their search engine rankings, especially those on a limited budget or relatively new to e-commerce. I strongly recommend it.
















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