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From Prototype to Product

A Practical Guide for Electronic Engineers


By Seggy T Segaran


ISBN-10: 0956153798

ISBN-13: 978-0956153791

ASIN: B00FV34CJ6 (Kindle)


From Prototype to Product - A Practical Guide for Electronic Engineers


Electronic Product Development is a specialist field. It requires not only a good understanding of the technology - it demands a thorough knowledge of the whole process of taking an electronic design through the various stages and make it available for sale.


This practical guide is easy to read and is full of examples of actual products that have made it to market and generated profits from sales. It covers various aspects of product development, such as the choice of the enclosure, component tolerances and manufacturing costs.


This book will help designers turn a working prototype into a commercial product. It will help them take into account regulatory requirements such as emissions and safety, make sure that the product is documented accurately for production and be confident that it can be easily supported in the field. This book is designed equally for new graduate engineers and students, as well as those engineers who are looking to develop a product for the first time.




* This excellent book focuses on the practical, rather than the theoretical, aspects of designing for production that are often neglected by universities. It includes tips for avoiding many pitfalls and deals with regulatory requirements such as labelling that are rarely included in courses but nevertheless essential to the design process.


Product design engineers will recognise many of the issues described. After reading this book they will be better equipped to deal with these issues when they occur or they may wish that they had read the book earlier because it would have saved them a lot of time or an expensive mistake.


* This book is a great read for new engineers or even those wanting to pick up a few tricks. So many engineering books are full of theory, so it is great to read a book that provides practical tips and examples. It is also comforting to see how seasoned experts have learnt from their mistakes!


* This is a well written and useful guide for engineers and anybody involved in bringing a new product into production. It not only deals with the technical issues but guides you through the whole process with practical advice on regulatory requirements. It is easy to read and jargon free and also offers practical advice from professional people within electronics.
















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