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Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing:

The Complete Reference Book for Anyone Wanting to Carry Out PAT Testing


By Seggy T Segaran


ISBN-10: 0956153712

ISBN-13: 978-0956153715


Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing - The Complete Reference Book for Anyone Wanting to Carry Out PAT Testing


The Handbook of Portable Appliance Testing gives practical answers to questions raised during PAT testing. It is much easier to understand than the IEE Code of Practice (COP).This handbook now includes an update for Edition 4 of the Code of Practice. It strikes a balance between giving enough technical background and easy to follow practical advice in implementing a PAT testing scheme. Someone wanting to undertake PAT testing using a PASS/FAIL PAT Tester need only read through the Overview, Planning and Doing the Work sections to get started. If they come across any appliances that they are not quite sure how to test, then a quick look within the Test Examples section should provide an answer.


For those wanting more technical information on how the tests are done and how to interpret the test results, the PAT Testing: Technical Information section should provide all the answers they are looking for. This section contains many practical tips and hints regarding PAT Testing of a variety of appliances that are found in offices, homes, schools and factories. Many of these are based around questions either from delegates or calls to our technical support line.


Useful reference information has been tucked away in the Appendix. This includes a chapter on Basic Electrical Theory and a background to Electric Shock. This book is equally valuable to the newcomer to PAT Testing who intends to test in-house as well as the more experienced practitioner who plans to provide a PAT Testing service to other companies. It is now believed to be the most popular PAT testing title in the UK after the IET Code of Practice. It should also provide a source of useful information to those intending to take the City & Guilds 2377 examination.




* There are many PAT testing books available from quite cheap to very expensive. As PAT testing is not something I need to do as a job, I didn't want to spend too much. I eventually decided on this one and have found it to be excellent with clear explanations and illustration without too much complicated theory. It has everything you need to do PAT testing at an affordable price.


* What class is it? This book will tell you all you need to know. ,Very good. If I can understand it so can you, just take your time. It is the sort of book you will go back to from time to time as a reminder. Outstanding - very good book, a must for any workplace who do their own PAT testing.


* The Handbook of PAT testing with many colour and diagrammatical detail. An absolute detailed book for any intending to work in the PAT testing field. This book has as much detail within it's pages as the IEE Code of Practice which is double this price. A good purchase and even better price compared to the Codes of Practice.
















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