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Haybox Cooking - Save Energy with Fireless Cookers


By Jane and Seggy Segaran


ISBN-10: 154842692X

ISBN-13:  978-1548426927

ASIN: B073V39T42 (Kindle)




What is a haybox? It’s basically an insulated box in which you place your partly cooked food. The heat energy held in the pot and the food completes the cooking process without any external heat input.


Haybox cookers are so called because the early versions used hay as insulation. It is also referred to as fireless cooking or retained heat cooking.


Various forms of haybox cookers are used widely in the developing world to cut down on the use of firewood. This saves time spent in gathering fuel and helps with deforestation. Conservative estimates of fuel saving vary from 30 – 50 %.


The purpose of this book is to promote the use of haybox cooking to a wide an audience as possible. Many different designs are presented as well as recipes and advise on cooking times. This is a colour booklet with 38 pages.


About the Authors



Jane and Seggy have been involved for many years with low energy cooking techniques. Having tinkered with solar cooking and rocket stoves their main focus is now on haybox cooking. This is an old established technique that is very relevant to modern times. As well as saving energy haybox cooking can be very convenient, functioning like a slow cooker without any energy input.  


Part of the proceeds of sales goes towards funding educational projects on fireless cookers in East Africa.




















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