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Sales of e-books have been growing rapidly over the last few years and in the US has overtaken sales of printed books. There are many benefits to readers and authors of having an e-book version.


* The reader has instant access to the book and can be reading it within minutes of finding it on-line


* Often, the e-book is cheaper than the print version


* The author / publisher does not have to shift stocks of books round the world to distributors


*  The distributor does not have to package and ship the book


*  The reader does not have to pay for delivery


Protecting the author


Distributors like Amazon protect the author’s work through Digital Rights Management (DRM). For example with Kindle books, a reader cannot transfer the book to a friend’s tablet.


Preparing a book for Kindle


Once we have access to a word file for the book and a pdf of the cover design, there is few hours work to prepare the book for uploading to the Amazon Kindle platform.


Pricing and royalties


Amazon usually offer 70% royalty to the author / publisher for books priced at $9.99 or less. For books priced higher than this, the royalty if 35%.


Example 1: On a book priced at $7.99 the publisher would receiver a 70% royalty of $5.93 minus delivery charge of $0.16 which is $5.43.


Example 2: On a book priced at $19.99 the publisher would receive a 35% royalty of $7.


Working with authors


Ohm Books will charge a one-off fee to prepare the Kindle version, and publish on the Amazon platform. Any royalties from sales are shared equally with the author.


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